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3ds max 6 Fundamentals

3ds max 6 Fundamentals

Nyelv: angol

Szerző: Ted Boardman

Kiadó: New Riders

Kiadás ideje: 2004.4.26

ISBN: 0735713855

Súly: Súly nincs megadva  


Oldalszám: 528

Várható szállítás: 2 hét (2018.12.05)

Státusz: Rendelhető

Bolti ár: 16.695 Ft     Engedmény: 5%   Ár: 15.860 Ft

For the new user or seasoned pro, Discreet authorized trainer, Ted Boardman, explains the latest version of the most popular 3d program. Following the exercises and tutorials in the book, readers will discover the new features of 3ds max 6 that make it even more powerful and easier to use. Learn how to work effectively and efficiently through production techniques covered in this book.

Leading 3ds max trainer Ted Boardman covers every core technique and skill for making the most of 3ds max 6 in virtually any application or industry, including computer/video games, web content development, film, television, and architecture. Boardman begins by introducing the fundamental concepts students need to work with 3ds max 6. Next, he introduces the fundamentals of modeling, applying materials and maps, applying realistic lighting, and effectively integrating animation. Then, he focuses on interior scenes, introducing 3ds max modeling techniques for radiosity and efficiency more sophisticated approaches to materials and mapping and the software's powerful animation controllers. Coverage also includes freeform lighting, animating in world space, adding realistic dynamics with reactor, and video post-production.

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