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3ds max 6 Bible

3ds max 6 Bible

Nyelv: angol

Szerző: Kelly L. Murdock


Kiadás ideje: 2004.4.26

ISBN: 0764557637

Súly: Súly nincs megadva  


Oldalszám: 1294

Várható szállítás: 2 hét (2018.12.01)

Státusz: Rendelhető

Bolti ár: 18.550 Ft     Engedmény: 5%   Ár: 17.622 Ft

* Shows beginning users how to create an exciting animation their very first day with 3ds max, the world's most popular animation modeling and rendering software for film, television, games, and design visualization
* 3ds max is used to create high-profile animations for feature films such as X-Men 2, Minority Report, and Tomb Raider, and in the creation of popular games such as Dungeon Siege, Spiderman, Command and Conquer: Renegade, and Grand Theft Auto
* More than 150 tutorials give readers valuable hands-on experience under the expert guidance of 3ds max master Kelly Murdock
* A valuable CD-ROM will include a demo version of the new 3ds max release, tutorial files, 3D models, bonus plug-ins, and more
* A sixteen-page, full-color insert shows how contributing artists are taking max to the next level

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